INTERVIEW: Scott Monty and the impact of social media at Ford

Today, Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner published an interview he did with Scott Monty.

I have been very impressed with the work Scott and his team have done over the last few years and it has certainly shown up in their vehicle sales and profits.  What I’m the most impressed with is how they have now stated emphatically that Ford will be a leader in technological innovation in the automotive industry.  Now they are opening up the Sync API to developers so that apps can be created for Ford vehicles.  Amazing.

I don’t need to state the obvious that Ford has done a lot of things right with the social web.  Fiesta Movement.  Ford Explorer (did they just redefined the new vehicle reveal and auto shows?  Um. Yes.).  Now the Focus Rally: America project.  They have successfully demonstrated what integrated paid, earned and owned media can do for a brand.

Kudos to Scott and the Ford team for a job well done.  Now it’s time for us to catch you.


Best of Future Midwest ’10 (#FMW10)

Continuing with my Future Midwest recap, I wanted to give you a snippet of some of the great content that was shared last week.  These are just some of the many quotes that I feverishly took as they were spoken from the stage.  I’ll also give kudos to Southfield, Michigan’s very own Jay Adelson who gave the keynote on Friday night.  His message followed the Future Midwest opening video which you can view here.  It was the perfect combination to motivate and inspire everyone in attendance!

  • There is no next big thing.  The next big thing is now. ~ Joseph Jaffe
  • Every community has an Oprah, someone with tremendous influence. Your job is to find the Oprah and arm them with what they need to influence the community. ~ Christopher Barger
  • You have one mouth and two ears…use them in that proportion. ~ Requoted by Scott Monty
  • Build community around what you are passionate about. ~ Blagica Bottigliero
  • Engagement is a generic term for not doing the diligence you need to…be specific. ~ Ken Burbary
  • Success means never letting the competition define you.  Instead you have to define yourself based on a point of view you care deeply about. ~ Tom Chappel, Tom’s of Maine from Scott Hauman

As you can see, lots of great information to help you build your social web and marketing strategies.  I’m confident that if you take these approaches, most of your projects have a greater chance of succeeding.

On to Jay Adelson…his message was simple, “We need crazy.”  Don’t accept the limits that are around you.  He said, “Limits aren’t real…look for limits and break them.”  His presentation was short and to the point…take risks and fail forward.  Given what this region went through the last 18 months, what do we really have to lose?  Pardon the cliche, but it can only get better!  Below is an interview Jay did with The Hub right before going on stage.  This should give you a great representation of his message to the crowd at the Royal Music Theater on April 16th.

There you have it.  That’s my recap of Future Midwest 2010.  I’m sure the organizers have even bigger things planned for 2011 and I can’t wait to be a part of it!

One final thing…look out for the challenge that Bryan Willmert and I are going to pose to all of you!  It’s going to be great!

Thanks for your time!  Feel free to leave comments below!  Would love the feedback!

Organize – Collaborate – Shape – Embed – Lead

Yesterday I came across this video from Identity PR (@identitypr) from Detroit’s 2009 Module Midwest Digital Conference.  Featured in the video:

Jeremy Tanner: @penguin
Ken Burbary: @kenburbary
Adrian Pittman: @adrianpittman
Damian Rintelmann: @drintelmann
Scott Monty: @scottmonty
Shannon Paul: @shannonpaul
Chris Brogan: @chrisbrogan

All provide great insight on what Detroit needs to do to grow it’s social media community.  I love the summary at the end…

Organize.  Collaborate.  Shape.  Embed.  Lead.  Help make our community great.

As an employee of Buick and GMC, building a community can only help turn our business and industry around and change the perceptions people have of our products and our brands.  I know I’ll do what I can in my circle of influence to help that cause.

What do you think Detroit needs to do?