Becoming a Kid Again

SNOWPOCALYPSE DETROIT 2011 is finally behind us!  Have you dug yourself out yet?  After hearing the plows come through last night push the snow on to the end of my driveway, I had to make sure I could get my car out so I could go to work.  When I finished shoveling, I took a moment to listen.  Quiet.  I heard nothing and I loved it!  I looked around and just saw a blanket of white covering my neighborhood.  Everything looked clean and pure.  I remembered how much I actually do like winter and didn’t realize it was only 11 degrees at 6am when I was shoveling.  It brought me back to my days as a kid and how much I enjoyed being outside in the white stuff!

I really started thinking about this last week when I was with my son at the Rochester Fire and Ice Fest.  We just hung out and played in the snow.  More than anything, watching him reminded me that the things we often become disenchanted with as we get older (winter) aren’t really all that bad.  It’s like we forget how much fun things can be as we mature, have more responsibilities and demands on our time.  Joshua and I went tubing and had a snowball fight.  I watched him climb a huge mountain of snow and slide down it and yes, I joined him too!

King of the Mountain!

This post is more than just a reminder to make time with our families.  It really is a post to remind you to not take life so seriously that you forget to have fun.  Think back to when you were young and become a kid again.  It’s an all too often told reminder but one that needs constant repetition.  Heck, I even forget and I’m sooo glad I have my kids there to remind me!  Now, where are my boots?  I have some sledding to do with my kids!  Maybe I’ll even do a snow angel like Charlie Wollborg!