Detroit Reverse Kicks Off This Week! (VID)

As I was getting ready mentally to start my work week, I started thinking about Detroit Reverse.  It’s hard to believe that this event starts tomorrow!  You’ve heard Bryan Willmert and I talk about this before and what I really want you to get out of my message below is to get involved.  Change doesn’t happen without action.  Now is the time to act.  There are many opportunities to volunteer to help make this event a success for the students participating this week.  I encourage you to check them out and see first hand what Detroit Reverse will do to change the lives of the people participating in it.

“Cultural Divide”

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Turning Vision Into Action

Happy Friday everyone!  It’s hard to believe we are half way through 2010!  Good thing for me, this time of the year usually signals a vacation and I’m so ready!

Anyway, in today’s post, I wanted to give you a quick update on something I talked about a couple of months ago, Detroit Reverse.  If you recall, from August 2 – 6, 500 students and leaders from the City and Suburbs will converge on the campus of Wayne State University.  They will stay in the dorms “with the goal of identifying destructive systems in our culture and building relationships that will fight against them.”

The vision for year one of Detroit Reverse is to build and grow relationships between 2 areas of southeast Michigan that have traditionally been at odds and made assumptions about one another.  The long term vision hopes this can grow into multiple locations over the next 5 years and truly having an impact on the community and the region.

Imagine just how impactful this will be.  500 people united and passionate about something and driving change in a region desperate for it.  Who knows, maybe this might have an impact on my Detroit Lions too!

Now how do you turn vision into action?  Well you can certainly help.  Sponsors are needed to help support our students financially.  It costs $149 per student to experience Reverse.  You can participate by donating online at the Detroit Reverse website.  Please consider helping out this group students by investing in their future.

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Have a great 4th of July and let’s celebrate our freedom to make an impact.

Detroit Reverse…Breaking Down the Cultural Divide [video]

You’ve heard me talk about Detroit Reverse recently.  This has the potential to be great but can only achieve greatness if you get involved and help change the perception.  We need you, my social web / technology / networked brethren to help get the word out and talk about Detroit Reverse.

There WILL BE 500 high schoolers together the week of August 2 – 6.

They WILL BE visible in the community…both in the city and the suburbs.

If you see them or hear that they will be near you, go to them and help out.  And please, talk about this in your social networks.

To my friends from Future Midwest 2010, this is an opportunity to put into action the feelings you had back in April in Royal Oak.  All you need to do is GET INVOLVED.

The video below interviews two local high schoolers, one from the suburbs and another from the city.  Both talk about perceptions of one another.  Both talk about building TRUE relationships with one another and doing more than just volunteering for an afternoon.

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Unity is Relational

What if you could get 250 kids from the suburbs and 250 kids from the city together for one week in August?  What if you could get these 500 kids to serve on both sides of 8 Mile, the imaginary wall that divides metro Detroit?  What if for a moment you believe that high school kids could start a revolution in metro Detroit that unites the region?

There are no “what ifs” about it.  This can happen and IS happening this August at Wayne State University.  500 high schoolers will descend on Detroit August 2 – 6 to participate in a revolutionary camp that hopes to break down barriers and transform this area into a region united.  This is Detroit Reverse 2010.

Tonight I attended the kick off for Detroit Reverse.  It was amazing.  It was amazing to see 10 bus loads of kids from the “burbs” come to Detroit and hang out with local teens from the city.  They just hung out like most teens do.  They played basketball together.  They danced together.  They worshiped together.

At the end of the night, you had the 3 leaders of Second Ebenezer Church, Citadel of Faith Covenant Church and Kensington Community Church on stage arm in arm and praying together.  Praying that this movement among our local teens will serve the bigger purpose of uniting a region that has been so divided and has suffered from some of the worst economic hardships in recent history.  You also had a few hundred students standing together and building relationships with one another.  These are the relationships that are going to matter and make a difference.  It will be through these relationships that change will happen.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to be a part of this.  Detroit Reverse is about unity and building relationships.  I look forward to supporting this group of students as best I can up until August 2 – 6.

What can you do?  What are you willing to do?  What if…?