The Christmas Revolution

The Christmas Revolution

Black Friday.  Cyber Monday.  Both of these conjure up images of people doing anything and everything possible to get the best deal and the newest stuff for Christmas.  I don’t have any issue with this.  We all want nice things but does this become the most important thing about Christmas?  Does it become so focused on self indulgence that we lose the meaning of what these holidays really should be about?  Family.  Community.

One thing that I’ve appreciated the most about Kensington Church is its ability to deliver impactful messages that make you think about your life and your purpose.  This holds true each year when they talk about The Christmas Revolution.  As we head into this Christmas season, I invite all of you to participate in something my family will be doing again.  Do something radical with the money you were planning on spending for gifts…spend it on someone in need.

If you’re interested in learning more about this program that has raised over $2 million for people in need, go to

This has changed the way my family and I view Christmas each year.  We appreciate everything God has given us.  More importantly, we value the people in this world God has given us the ability to bless financially.  Who knows…if enough people participate, we can make this something to look forward to after Thanksgiving instead of something peppery.


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