I’m a Social Media Guru

I got caught this morning.  In this social media bubble that I live in, I became the guy most of us in the social media / digital world often criticize.  The guy that gets upset when people complain about the changes on Facebook.  The guy that just says “get off Facebook if you don’t like the changes.”  Yup, that was me yesterday and today.  The thing I need to realize and remember is that I am not in the majority of users of Facebook.  Instead of being quick to criticize the criticism, why is it that I don’t go back to something Steven Covey covered a long time ago?  “Seek first to understand and then be understood.”

After I understand them, then I need to remember to take what I know and have learned and share with them.  They may not agree but at least I treated them respectfully and didn’t condemn them.  It’s pretty simple.  Yup, I’m a social media guru.  Now someone throw something at me so I don’t do it again.  Happy Friday.

P.S. Thanks Wendy.


3 thoughts on “I’m a Social Media Guru

  1. Great post Patrick! Being one that was frustrated, I figure you might find my “why” interesting. It’s not the change itself that I’m opposed to….progress is always good and I’m sure the changes are for the better.

    What I don’t like is how Facebook implements changes – they just happen, no explanation, no warning, just BAM a change. For me, that’s a huge problem. The day of the change this week, I didn’t have time to figure things out. I wanted to wish a friend “happy birthday” and couldn’t post on her wall. I wanted to see recent posts and they seemed to have “disappeared”.

    Facebook could do so many things to surprise and delight their customers, they just choose not to and that is what frustrates me. They could have sent a communication last week letting us know a change was coming. They could have highlighted in that communication how the changes have improved the site. They probably could have guessed with all the data they have, what changes would have the most negative response and messaged to offset those perceptions. They could have done a lot of things, yet they did not.

    Simple communication could resolve all the backlash they get each time they make an update. For a company so centered on the “sharing” of information, I find it frustrating that they aren’t doing the same.

    • Totally agree, Lori. Although I was aware of some changes that were coming through blogs and industry publications I read, I’m still in the minority. Predominately most of Facebook’s users don’t read what I read. They’ve simply joined Facebook as a way to connect with their friends and family which is what this is for.

      To your point, it all goes back to simple communication which I can attest is often overlooked but can be the simplest solution to any problem.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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