Throwing Stones First – Ask Questions Later

Background…during August 11 and 12, Willow Creek Association’s Global Leadership Summit is going on.  Church leaders, as well as leaders from businesses from around the country come and speak during this 2 day event.  Well this year, Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, was scheduled to speak but cancelled after an online petition insisted he denounce Willow Creek’s views on homosexuality.

This post isn’t a debate on Willow Creek’s views on homosexuality, but more about Bill Hybels and Willow Creek’s response to the group that started the petition.  Watch the video below from yesterday’s first session and you’ll see what I mean.

What I completely appreciate is hearing Bill Hybels talk about respect for others regardless of differences of opinion or belief.  At issue here is human sexuality but the folks at Willow Creek do not turn people away.  They are completely welcomed and treated with respect, however, ALL will be challenged according to the teachings of the Bible but it is done in a way to maintain the relationship rather than divide and separate from the church.

I’ve seen this come from people that call themselves Christians too and it is just as disheartening.  My final thought to you is to remember the heart and soul of people.  We were all created to think and have our own beliefs.  Having those differences should be the catalyst for a respectful dialogue rather than making assumptions or questioning character.

If you’re interested in what is coming out of the conference search #WCAGLS on Twitter for all of the awesomeness coming from Chicago!


4 thoughts on “Throwing Stones First – Ask Questions Later

  1. Leaders come in different shapes and sizes and it’s disheartening as well that Schultz gave in to the noise. I wrote about this earlier today. Leaders who are afraid of reactions aren’t real leaders…they become placeholders. But Hybels does the right thing here. Great post!

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