This You. That You.

How do you grow?  Whether it’s in your job, in your marriage, as a parent, or in your faith, are you growing?  Are you taking steps to move beyond what you know now to a place that you don’t know yet?  The journey is not comfortable and often times a little rocky with a misstep here and there.  As a leader, you should require this of the people that work for you.  As a husband or wife, you should continuously look to grow in your marriage to each other.  As a parent, you should challenge and encourage your children to take that first step into becoming the person they were meant to be fulfilling the purpose God has in store for their lives.

We all know “this you”.  We’re comfortable with this you.  It’s not until you see “that you” that you realize the growth you have yet to see.  I love this video from my friends at Soul City Church in Chicago.  They expect their community to grow regardless of where they are in their faith.  Take a few minutes to watch it and then think about “that you” that you want to be.


3 thoughts on “This You. That You.

  1. A great thought starter Patrick. You timed this up nicely with my current read “Today We Are Rich” by Tim Sanders. I’m continually challenged by where I am in my journey with God and how to live more Christ-like. It’s a young journey for me but know you are a beautiful example of how to be more Christ-like and I look to you for inspiration more than you know. Someday I will tell you in person. Thanks for sharing.

    • JK…thank you for that. I will tell you it is a continual journey and learning process. I discover new things daily about my faith but the great part is that God knows our heart and if we are seeking Him, then that is the first step towards “that you.”

      Thanks for stopping by…I’d love to have that conversation with you soon!


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