Getting To Know…Gini Dietrich

A lot of my friends feature a person on their blogs each Friday.  If you go to Gini Dietrich‘s blog, Spin Sucks, she features someone she knows professionally.  Today, it’s Patti Knight and I highly recommend you get to  know Patti.  She’s awesome!

Well, I’m going to begin this weekly post for you but add a more personal touch to things.  Today I’m beginning this weekly feature called “Getting To Know…”  I’ll be asking each person 4 questions…2 somewhat serious and 2 that are a bit lighthearted.  People have depth and I often find the most interesting stories are when they share personal things.  Today’s feature is none other than Gini Dietrich!  Many of you know how much I’m a fan of hers and we have become really good friends since we first met on Twitter a couple of years ago.  So off we go!  Get to know Gini!

Bryan Willmert, Gini, Mr. D and myself at the Lions - Bears game last September

Who is the most influential person in your life and why?
Just one person? It really depends on how you define it. Personally, it’s my mom and Mr. D.  Professionally, it’s Sheryl Sandberg (I want to be her when I grow up), my team, certain bloggers, and my Vistage group.  I also have a handful of really close friends who are pretty influential.  It’s hard to choose one as the most.

Guilty dessert pleasure?
Gelato.  Hands down.  In fact, I think I’m going to make some tomorrow.  I know Pete the Tapeworm will be happy about that.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone?
What is it with the one symbolism?  Jeez.  It’s the thing my mom said to us nearly every day growing up, “Remember who you are and what you stand for.”

Favorite childhood memory?
When I was in seventh grade, my grandpa (Poppy) was really sick.  He’d had triple bypass surgery twice.  He came to live with us and it was my job, after school, to make sure he got outside and went for a walk.  Those walks were some of the best memories I have of him.  It makes me sad that my younger siblings were really little when he died and don’t remember him at all.  Just thinking about that time I got to spend with him before his death makes me cry now.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I still firmly believe that the Lions were robbed during this game.  Calvin Johnson caught the ball.  It was a touchdown.  (I’m not bitter.)


11 thoughts on “Getting To Know…Gini Dietrich

  1. Lovely highlight, Patrick! And Gini, I love the story of your grandpa and the afternoon walks. I have some similar memories with my great Aunt (who raised my mom) when she lived with us. I was in high school but valued the time with her. It is sad for me now that my kids never had a chance to know her. She was pretty awesome.

    Happy Weekend to you both!

  2. I seriously can’t believe that patrick ruined that beautiful post with a lions comment. We all know that they boy can’t hang onto a pass and that is why he dropped it in the end zone. Geez…

    thanks for sharing gini… i’ll be over tomorrow for some gelato!

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