Catholics Are People Too

There is a reason I go to Kensington Community Church.  It’s a church that focuses on people who don’t think God is relevant in their lives.  They create an atmosphere that speaks to people where they are at in life.  No expectations just invitations.

This past weekend was no exception.  How often will you find a Catholic priest speaking in a non-denominational church?  Well it happened this past weekend.  Father John Riccardo is the pastor at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth, Michigan.  He has spoken at Kensington before when he was at St. Anastasia Parish right down the road from Kensington’s Troy Campus.  I wish he was at St. Anastasia when I was growing up.  I probably would have paid more attention!

He’s a dynamic speaker and you can really feel his passion when he spoke last Sunday.  If you are Catholic or have a Catholic background, please spend the next 38 minutes watching this.  It’s not often a priest speaks for more than 10 minutes.  I could listen to this priest speak for hours.  Enjoy!


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