I’m sitting in Battle Creek on a train. Apparently the storms that blew through Chicago today created some havoc here. A tornado blew through and took out the power and some trees and we can’t go anywhere.

Not a big deal. It’s giving me time to reflect on the past weekend in Chicago. It’s also giving me time to just watch my kids sleep as we wait this out. These are the moments in life that you just sit back and enjoy.

It amazes me how my kids can go from bundles of uncontrollable energy to peaceful and QUIET creations of God that I don’t take enough time to admire. These are moments that don’t come along too often and I for one am glad to be able to admire this one.

So I’m going to sign off as I patiently sit on a train in Battle Creek and enjoy this quiet moment watching Luke, Jessica and Joshua sleep. Hopefully Gina falls asleep soon too so I can be reminded of the days when they were infants and I would rock them to sleep.

Treasure every moment. They don’t come along too often.


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