Teach My Ten Year Old WHAT?

Julianne found this and posted to Facebook the other day.  I didn’t really have time to watch it until this morning.  After I did I was completely in shock!  Granted, this video is over a year old and I’m not sure where the “Stand & Deliver” proposal ended up.

Regardless, it made me even more passionate about parents, ESPECIALLY DADS, being involved in the lives of their kids.  To me this validated my By Dads For Dads project and reaching out to fathers and asking them to share their stories and life lessons they have learned through marriage and parenthood.

What is being talked about in this video is up to the parents to educate.  Not a school or other organization.  How would you feel if you learned your child was being taught about the “pleasures of sex” by someone else other than you?  This is the responsibility of Julianne and I as parents of our children to lead them through this difficult topic not anyone else.  Period.


4 thoughts on “Teach My Ten Year Old WHAT?

  1. It should also be your responsibility as parents to teach your children critical thinking and verification of claims (especially by the media… on either side) 🙂

    That said, I’d get heated about this too If I stumbled upon it.

    • Hi Casey, thanks for stopping by. I was hoping people wouldn’t pay attention to the source but rather the idea. Rather than point fingers, I’m more focused on the idea that parents need to be involved in the lives of their kids before someone or something decides to educate them.

      Parents have begun to rely too much on other people other than themselves to educate, discipline, what have you. I’m not claiming to be perfect either. I’m just more aware of it as my kids get older. I want to be there every step of the way with them and provide a baseline for them to ultimately make decisions for themselves. That’s the best I can do as a parent and according to my own faith in God.

      Come back and visit soon!

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