I’m A Christian and I’m Sorry

Many of you who have read my blog know that my faith is a HUGE part of my life.  I base everything that I am on my relationship with Jesus Christ.  I try to treat people how I think Jesus Christ would have treated them when He was here.  My life verse is 1 Peter 3:15…

“But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect”

Gentleness and respect.  How often do we see Christians forget that?  I’ll let you answer that because I’m sure you’ll be able to give many examples.  Today’s post is an apology to those that have been offended by Christians.  I’m sorry for how you’ve been treated.  I’m sorry if you’ve been disrespected.  Yes, there is a hint of frustration in my words today because I’ve personally been affected by behavior that embarrasses me as a Christ follower and I want to apologize to everyone out there if you’ve been treated poorly by someone that believes in God.

More than anything, what I’ve recently been witnessing has motivated me to be more outspoken in my faith…not to those that don’t believe in God…but to those that do.  I understand that we as believers are called to “witness” to those that don’t know Him, but you’re not going to be successful if you can’t get your own house in order.  I plead with other Christians out there…BE UNIFIED.  God is the common thread we all have.  Trust your faith and don’t let pride get in the way.  Yes, we are human and WILL make mistakes.  When that happens, be humble and apologize!

There was motivation behind this post today and if the people that I’m speaking to happen to read this, I hope they stop talking and start listening.  Bryan Willmert recommended a great movie to watch…Lord Save Us From Your Followers.  I watched it last night and I couldn’t help but smile because it was the thing that I needed to see.  I know that I’m going to be more mindful in how I treat people because I am passionate about sharing why I believe what I believe and sincerely hope that everyone I meet can get a taste of it and decide for themselves if it’s something they want to believe.

Thanks for stopping by and if I’ve offended you in the past…I’m sorry.


8 thoughts on “I’m A Christian and I’m Sorry

  1. Amen, Patrick! I wholeheartedly agree with you. It’s easy to understand why Christ’s harshest rebukes were directed towards the religious leaders of the day. Sadly, it’s the same today. I rarely get attacked by unbelievers for sharing my faith through my writings and in my life. It’s almost always by Christians who want to correct me – in good Christian love, of course. I join you in your apology.

    • Brad, thanks so much for sharing your experiences. As I continue to learn and grow in my faith, I’m finding that the hardest people to reach are those that are already believers. It’s funny that non-believers are the most interested and willing to talk about God.

      My hope is that we all take the time to look at ourselves and see if there is anything we are doing to impede the progress of God’s vision for all of us.

  2. Some of the most difficult relationships I’ve had have been with Christians. From growing up even up until now. Many feelings can come to mind from those that lord over others, judge others (verbally or by action), or say/do things that can truly hurt.

    Psychologically I get it. It’s difficult to change your ways when you become a Christian. You feel judgement and so you try to measure up. To other Christians or God himself. And during that process you fall short so you treat others in a manner that make you feel better. It’s stupid, but I see the reason why people do it. One thing I’ve come to realize though: I don’t care who you are or what you’re story is. There is brokeness. And although many of us can have different brokeness, when you compare them all it all comes down to a common feeling. Pain.

    We are all broken. And we are all offered the gift God has given us.

    Great post. I too apologize for my shortcomings. Now I need to go check out that movie.

    • Thanks Dave…It’s funny really. Sometimes all we need to do is stop and look at ourselves in a mirror or observe a situation from afar to truly see how much pain we as Christians can accidentally cause.

      Great movie…

  3. Patrick, Well, you certainly hit on a couple of my hot buttons: 1) Unity (vs. divisiveness) of Christians and 2) odd treatment by believers of unbelievers. I’d like to sign on with your apology. I only wish I could claim I’m not part of the problem!

  4. This is actually very refreshing to my atheist ears. The way I was treated by other Christians played a very large role in why I no longer accept what I was taught in Sunday School. It’s like Ghandi said. “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians.” When I was young I was a very strong Christian, and I would look around at my fellow Christians and think to myself, “Are we reading the same bible? Is this really the blushing bride that Jesus is planning on returning for?” And since I found my own path to enlightenment, I’ve found that my personal struggle between faith and reality would have only gotten worse with time if I had continued to hold on to the beliefs I was taught. It got to the point where loving all of God’s children, no matter what race, creed, gender or sexual orientation, and believing in equality for all people, made me an agent of Satan. I was expected to judge and condemn those that lived a lifestyle that wasn’t in accordance with the way a Christian was expected to live their life. I was taught to fight back against my love of science, knowledge, and search for truth, and to accept symbolic, ancient stories as fact no matter how much science got in the way. I was essentially forced to be something that I wasn’t, and I felt that if God made me this way, why couldn’t the people around me accept that? I don’t believe that I have all the answers, and I don’t think my path works for everyone. But, regardless of what happens to me when I die, Christians are never going to effectively spread the message of Jesus (Which I mostly agree with, and believe in) if they continue to use their faith to justify their intolerance. I have an immense amount of respect for you, Patrick. Thank you for this post.

    • Norm, thank you so much for your comments here. What you experienced is exactly why I wrote what I wrote.

      My relationship with Jesus Christ is personal and fits my personality. It might not work for someone else. That’s why it’s unique to me. We as individuals are moved by different things and the fact that someone tried to force something on you and tell you what you were doing was wrong shows me they didn’t respect you as an individual.

      In my desire to tell others about my faith, I prefer to do that by living it out and build relationships with people. That’s what Jesus did and often criticized the “religious” for forcing beliefs, tasks and things to do in order to “make the cut”.

      What I find even more fascinating is that I learn more about my faith from people of different backgrounds, ethnicities and faiths than those that share mine.

      Thanks again for your kind words, Norm. If you ever decide you want to talk about faith and God, I’d love to have the discussion…on your terms, not mine.


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