I Make All Things New

Last night, our small group watched The Passion of the Christ.  If you’ve never seen it before, I highly recommend it.  It is a visual representation of what Jesus Christ endured when he was sentenced to be crucified, to die on the cross for our sins and “to make all things (us) new.”  I originally saw this when it first came out a few years ago and this was the first time I had seen it since.  Amazing.  Undeserving.  Sadness.  Joy.  All of these thoughts raced through my head as we watched the movie.

As soon as it ended, the mood was very somber.  Not a lot was said at first but then as we waited a few minutes the dialogue began about different parts of the movie that left an impact.  For me, there was a seen where Mary (Jesus’ mother) was watching Jesus carry the cross.  At a particular moment, Jesus fell.  Mary had a flashback to a time when Jesus was a child and he fell.  She raced over to him to make sure he was ok.  Back to real time, Mary raced over to Jesus and said “I’m here.”  Jesus responded, “Mother, I make all things new.”

Easter is a time of renewal and new beginnings.  We see it in nature.  We see it in people when they take the story of Jesus Christ to heart and live it out.  For me, this time of year is as impactful as Christmas because it focuses on what Easter is all about…Jesus Christ and what He did for me in my life.  As you go through this week, what does Good Friday and Easter mean for you?

Since many of you  know I love Twitter, here is a great version of the Easter story from the folks at Igniter Media!


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