Thank You for the Birthday Wishes

Well, my birthday is over but will be memorable for the next year.  After waking up to greetings from my kids and Julianne, I closed out the day with dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with family and friends.  It couldn’t have been a better day!

Sandwiched in between was Facebook and Twitter where many of  you took the time to write “happy birthday” on my wall or send out a tweet.  All I can say is I am humbled and extremely grateful for your thoughtfulness and for making my day very special.  I’m thankful to those that I have known for years.  I am thankful to those that I’ve known for months.  I am thankful to those that I haven’t even met yet in person but have been able to develop friendships through this beautiful thing called the social web.  Seeing the faces of all of you was further proof that social media is more about making those connections online more personal.

Once again…thank you.  The best gift that I received yesterday was seeing all of you and celebrating what life and birthdays are all about…community and relationships.


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