Are You Smarter Than A Second Grader?


This week I had the pleasure of watching my daughter do her “Expert Report” on France at Oakland Christian School.  Definitely a proud dad moment as she walked her class through interesting tidbits of information on France like:

  • Paris is the capital of France
  • The red and the blue in the French flag represent the traditional livery colors of Paris
  • The white in the French flag is the traditional color of French royalty
  • The tallest mountain in the French Alps is Mont Blanc
  • There are 2,513 windows in the Palace of Versailles

In some ways, I think she is a better presenter than I am!  No nervousness.  Confidence in the information she presented.  At one point, she dropped her note cards but didn’t flinch and kept going.  It was awesome to see and even her teacher took notice!  Julianne and I walked out of there with our heads held high!

What did I learn from this experience or rather, what did I learn from the process Gina went through to get to this point?  Lately, I’m big on looking at the world through the lens of my children.  It’s often a great way to put things into perspective as well as remind yourself that life doesn’t need to be as complicated as adults make it.  In this case, I was reminded that as adults, focus can be lost as we dig into projects.  In this age of multi-tasking, things can often take longer than they need to.  E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader…all things that I have open throughout the day…can serve as a huge distraction.  When Gina was doing research on her project, she was singularly focused on finding out as much information as possible about France and illustrating it with her coloring.

It’s all about productivity these days.  Gini Dietrich recently wrote a blog on “Being More Productive Every Day“.  It’s smart and offers up some great suggestions on how you can boost your productivity.  If you think about it, I’m being productive just by providing you a link to great content rather than spending time thinking about how I can say the same thing differently!

Stay focused on what’s in front of you.  It’s pretty difficult to get from point A to point B if you are constantly being detoured.  If you stay the course, then you can give a great “expert report”!

Just for fun, I wanted to share with you Gina’s presentation.  I’ve discovered that blogs and the social web are great tools to share the home movies of the 21st century!


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