“Imported From Detroit.”

Before I say anything, watch this again.  And again.  And again.

This isn’t a review of Chrysler’s spot featuring Eminem that ran during the Super Bowl yesterday.  I think it’s safe to say that it was well received.  This is more about what that spot meant to those of us that call Detroit home (and I’m using Detroit from a regional perspective and not just Detroit proper).  We are a passionate bunch.  We are driven to see change happen in this region.  If you look at the community around local events like Tedx Detroit and Future Midwest, you will see a collective of people that share a common love for our city.  We are driven to show the world that Detroit is innovative and able to reinvent itself beyond just the automotive industry.  We actually do know how to use the internet and see it as a way to build community and foster growth.

Sure, we have a chip on our shoulder.  Have you seen what has been said?  Have you seen how Detroit has been portrayed?  Blight.  Political controversy.  We want to change that.  We want to show you the quality of people that live here.  We want you to discover the beauty of the state of Michigan.  We want you to join our community and leave here saying, “I love Detroit.  I love Michigan.”

Tall order given the skepticism of some, but within reach given the optimism of others.

Yes, I’m putting a lot of weight and faith behind a 2 minute car commercial.  However, it was more than that for me.  This was Detroit’s anthem on a national stage and people outside of Detroit took notice.

I’m Patrick Reyes…imported from Detroit (and an optimist).


7 thoughts on ““Imported From Detroit.”

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  2. Even though Im not from Detroit proper Im from mid Michigan and echo your sentiments on the commercial, the feelings as I watched it and the transformation Detroit is undergoing. Keep up the great work for the city and the state.

  3. Hi! I think the commercial is just one of a much larger initiative going on in Detroit. I truly think the change is coming because people are turning towards God! As the E.A.C.H. (Everyone a chance to hear) http://www.eachtoday.com, where the body of Christ comes together to share God’s love….that will be what really turns this city around! The commercial was just one of many things God is using for good in Detroit!

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