Are we in a spiritual battle?

By now you’ve heard the firestorm of controversy over Zack Follett calling Matt Stafford a “china doll” during a radio interview last week.  What made this story even more interesting was Follett’s response to the media attention by making the claim that he was in a spiritual battle with Satan attacking him.

So we have a couple of things going on here.  First, choose your words carefully.  I think we can all agree on that.  Any time the words “china doll” and quarterback are used together, expect some controversy and expect the word to get out quickly especially the social media tools at EVERYONE’S disposal.

The second thing we have in this scenario is a little deeper for some and unbelievable for others.  Are we in a spiritual battle?  If you would have asked me back in December, I would have hesitated with a response.  Ask me now…I emphatically say yes.  I’m not likely to go about like Zack Follett did in the video above, however, I think the notion of a spiritual battle for your soul is worth merit and discussion.  I know for me, I’ve thought about it a lot since the beginning of 2011 helped along by the Paranormal Activity series that just finished up at Kensington Community Church.

This is something I’m investigating for myself.  As someone that considers himself a follower of Jesus Christ, I truly believe I owe it to my faith to see how this applies to my life.  I believe the Bible is true and an accurate historical account of what happened in both the Old Testament and New Testament.  I believe that there are forces in this world that are trying daily to find the weaknesses in my life and turn me away from the faith that I’ve been growing over the last few years.  Things like exorcisms, demon possession, fortune tellers, etc. now scare the heck out of me and I want to stay as far away from them as possible.  I’m not going to see The Rite or stroll down memory lane and watch The Exorcist (I remember when I saw it the first time…couldn’t sleep soundly for a week!).

If you’re still skeptical…good.  If you’re at all curious as to why my thinking has changed, check out each of the messages from Kensington’s podcasts from this series.  I don’t recommend it all in one sitting!  It’s heavy stuff and I’m still thinking about it from yesterday!

Now I’m curious.  What are your thoughts?  Do you believe in the supernatural?  Do you believe in a spiritual battle?  I think Zack Follett is right on the money.


6 thoughts on “Are we in a spiritual battle?

  1. Hi, I’m Grandpa – and I believe YOU and many others are in a spiritual battle, not WE. Yes the battle is being waged all over the world but it ends for you individually when you have decided on your spirituality and have pledged in your psyche that no matter what you are faced with you will never ever deny that spirituality and will always be true to it. I’m not a highly religious man but I have a defined and committed relationship with my Lord just as I do with my wife and any other entity to whom I am true. No battle wages where there is no conflict and I cherish the peace of mind that comes with that realiztion.

    • Thanks, Grandpa! For me, I believe that even if we have committed our lives to Jesus Christ the battle continues. As humans, we will continually face temptations and have weaknesses that we fight on a daily basis. Those temptations and weaknesses will be exploited and we as individuals will need to fight daily to let those things overtake us.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

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  3. I know how what you say is true for you and many other young folks, but that is because you are young and inexperienced and you need to daily work on your strength of commitment. But once you get older like me and have been challenged in just about every way possible maybe like me you will have finally locked-in to the point that nothing can penetrate your barriers, you cannot be exploited. When I was your age I used to think how silly and cynical old people are, and they are just strong because they know they are closer to meeting their maker; but now I am that old person, and just as you will some day – I fully understand how it really works.

  4. Yes, for those temptations that challenge my spiritual commitment. I am not challenging your POV, I am simply saying that over time, and through repeated challenge, you build your strength of character to the point that the “right” decisions become almost automatic. To do anyhting different would not only betray my personal and spiritual integrity but might even endanger my relationship with God and perhaps even my status in the hereafter. It is much like the old adage that if I knew then what I know now…. I wish I could have had such strength earlier on in my life, then maybe I would have had the peace of mind much earlier too.

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