Differences.  We all have them.  Whether it’s your politics, religion, ethnicity, etc. we all have differences.  The one thing that we all do have in common is that we are all people with feelings and emotions.  Some pretty bad things happened in Arizona recently, but instead of focusing on the people involved this has evolved into finger pointing and blaming a particular group and person.  The man that did this acted on his own.  Regardless of his mental state, he made the decision and you can’t tell me a political party or person caused him to do what he did.

This is why I tend to stay out of political debates.  I get frustrated when it goes from a political debate about an issue to a personal attack on an individual that you don’t really know.  So as I continued to watch my Facebook feed over the past few days this began to simmer a little more.  Then the following video shows up in my feed and I’m suddenly relieved.  Elizabeth Lesser uses the TED platform to get the perfect message out at the perfect time.

Get to know those that differ from you.  Don’t try to defend, convert, point fingers or blame.  Get to know them.  Ask them questions.  Understand why they believe what they believe.  You’ll likely still disagree with their stance but at least you’ve treated them like a human being (personal) rather than a label (impersonal).

I recently posted a summary of my trip to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  One of the main themes was collaboration.  Working together for a common goal.  Wouldn’t it be great if this idea could be translated from the business world to that of politics or religion.  You don’t have to sacrifice your personal beliefs but you can certainly work together to come up with something that will make your surroundings better.

Detroit, are you listening?

Editor’s Note: You might have noticed a small change to my blog.  Moving forward, I renamed the blog to Rey(es) of Light.  It’s a little change but one that I think will make it better.  Anyway, everything else stays, hopefully you do to!


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