Look what I found!

Google Reader gives me hours of entertainment and information.  So what I’ve decided is to share with you each Friday (try to anyway) some cool things that I’ve come across.  So here we go!

The first 2 come courtesy of Read Write Web.  Want to look back on 2010?  Google and Twitter take a look back on what happened this year.

Zeitgeist 2010: Year in Review

Twitter 2010: Year in Review
There is still some content to come but either way, I’ll be interested in seeing how they fill in the circles!  CLICK HERE to go to the site!

Finally, if you are a Twitter user, wouldn’t it be interesting to see where your followers are?  Church Crunch posted a link to this site yesterday.  Check it out here, plug in your Twitter ID and it will do the rest!

There you have it!  What do you think?  If you have any interesting things you came across, I’d love to hear about them too!  Have a great weekend!


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