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I’ve become a HUGE fan of Michael Hyatt (thanks Gini Dietrich for the recommendation!) and his blog.  Yesterday, he blogged about 2 different leadership styles which I’ll call the “Talker” and the “Listener”.  I encourage you to read it for yourself and figure out what style you most closely follow.  The takeaway is that the “Listener” listens and takes a serious interest in those around him and seeks to get to know them.

Before I fell asleep and missed my soccer game (sorry Alex!), I was reading a book in preparation for a pretty big idea called EACH (something for a later post but check out the link) that Kensington Community Church is participating in.  The book is called Evangelism Without Additives (affiliate link) written by Jim Henderson.  I only read the first chapter but again I was reminded of how comforting it when people take a genuine interest in you!  3 simple words, “how are you?”, can go a long way.

I know that I am sometimes guilty of not being “completely there” when in a conversation.  I know I’m sometimes guilty of talking too much when the person I’m having a conversation with just needs someone to listen.  My encouragement to you today is to be aware of this.  In your interactions with people, take the time to pay attention and listen.

Here is some homework for you as you finish out this week.  It’s the same homework I have from Henderson’s book:

This week, ask someone this question: “How are you?”  Now here’s the tricky part.  When the person begins to answer, actually listen.  Don’t interrupt with your own story.  Spend a few minutes being unusually interested in the person, and leave it at that.

After you’ve complete “your mission”, share with us your experience!


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