LeBron’s New Ad: Branding or Self Promotion

So LeBron has a new commercial for Nike.  I was hoping this circus was over especially after his show on ESPN announcing his free agent destination to Miami to join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, but unfortunately this latest ad has stirred things up again.  I’m sure there are some polarizing opinions on whether or not this is a good ad but for me, I’d would have rather he not said anything at all.

I wasn’t a big proponent of his special earlier this summer.  I thought it was egotistical and self serving.  I understand that LeBron is a brand and he is supposed to market himself.  However, there are different ways to go about it and not make yourself a media hog (which I feel he was).  This latest ad just adds on to the media circus and draws unnecessary attention to him.

I’m sure others will disagree with me and think this is brilliant marketing but there are those, like me, that have a lost a little more respect for him.  I probably am a little jaded in my thinking because I already feel that some athletes feel entitled and are not the least bit humble and grateful for the platform that they have been given.

So I ask you, is this good branding or blatant self promotion?  Will this commercial create buzz for LeBron (yes) or sell shoes for Nike (no)?


4 thoughts on “LeBron’s New Ad: Branding or Self Promotion

  1. I am on the fence. I mean one part of it is that he is stating the obvious which is what everyone has been thinking anyway. So is this good or is he just alienating his fans for pointing it out? When in the end all he needs to do is win and then he will be a force to reckon with.

    So is it self serving? Is it more of his ego on steroids? Like I said, I am not a big fan of the NBA and I could care less what he does.

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