I want my MTV!

Who remembers when music videos brought to life the sounds we heard on the radio?  Is MTV really Music Television anymore?  Well thanks to VEVO, music videos have grabbed my attention once again!  As marketers, we all know (for the most part) content is king and getting your content distributed on the internet is even better.

As we continue to find what content works and what content doesn’t, I wanted to share with you something I saw at the 140 Character Conference in Detroit last week.  Yesterday, Andy Grammer released his interactive video, Keep Your Head Up.  This is great way to engage your audience with your content.

Not only does encourage you to create your own version of the video, but he also partnered with Old Navy.  If you unlock the 4 different endings to the video, you receive coupons from Old Navy.  Pretty ingenious if you ask me!  So check out the video links below!  Create and share!  I’m sure Andy would appreciate it!

Keep Your Head Up Teaser

Keep Your Head Up Interactive Video


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