Then What?

Today’s post is all about Detroit.  Actually, my last post was about Detroit too.  Go figure.  I guess Detroit has been on my mind a lot lately.  Over the last few days, I’ve seen Eric Proulx‘s trailer float around the interwebs on Facebook and on Twitter.  It’s an AMAZING piece that I hope becomes a reality.  If you go to Lemonade Detroit, you’ll get an idea for the inspiration for the movie.  What I’m looking forward to the most, is Eric bringing to life what is good in the city instead of what has traditionally been shown when people do stories about our city.

“Lemonade: Detroit” is a film about the disarming resilience of a city that can no longer rely on a single industry for its livelihood, and the entrepreneurial strengths of those who are reinventing themselves and their communities.

Instead of sensationalizing blight, “Lemonade, Detroit” will sensationalize hope, told through the intensely personal stories of those who are turning the city into what it will become.

Lemonade: Detroit Trailer on Vimeo

This message is very similar to what a group of people hope to accomplish with Future Midwest.  You’ve read my thoughts on this local conference previously but they are worth a reminder.  One person in particular who I believe exemplifies the fighting spirit of Detroit and Michigan is Dave Murray.  I feature him today because (1) it’s Follow Friday and (2) today is his birthday!  Two really good reasons if you ask me.  I’ve gotten to know Dave over the summer and have really been inspired by his heart and his passion for this area.  He does what he can to promote the city and looks for ways to recognize others for their efforts.  I can’t imagine a better person to recommend to you today other than him.  He sees that this region needs to redefine itself and ask the question, then what?

Happy birthday, Dave!  Enjoy your day!


4 thoughts on “Then What?

  1. Patrick I am humbled not only by the comparison with an excellent project, but also by your kind sentiments. I have been incredibly blessed to participate in some amazing projects. I can only come up with the ideas. My Passion for Michigan has been superseded by the incredible communities who have rallied together in support. The real deal here is anyone who is in the same position can do what I do. And I encourage everyone with an idea to

  2. I enjoyed the trailer immensely. I agree with your sentiments about Dave. He is a tireless crusader for the area, and heralds it anytime he can. I am so glad to be his twitter follower. Oh and if you check back and read this Dave: HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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