The use of social web is an incredible tool to extend our reach to beyond just a local basis in just the circles where we know people. I know for myself personally, I have been able to see new friendships develop, possible jobs develop, a larger community brought closer to home. As a person who is not a life long Detroiter, coming here was a little nerve racking and I have been able to see many great friendships develop through my job and through connecting within the social media networks.

Getting to know people and to develop friendships takes a great deal of time.  I have noticed that being involved in social media can take a great deal of time to truly develop such friendships. Chris Brogan shared similar thoughts in a recent video.

This begs the following questions:

Are you addicted to the interaction?

How do you use the social web?

Are there other relationships that have struggled because of social media?

Do you use your social media platform to spur on relationships or business?


2 thoughts on “Addicted?

  1. Bryan, great post and great follow up questions. I’ve definitely caught myself spending a ton of time with the social web. If you’re not careful, it can become a huge time suck. I know I’ve found it difficult to unplug when I need to. What you and Chris bring up are very interesting points as well. As our networks of people continue to grow, I believe it becomes vital to begin asking the question “what’s in it for me?” to determine how to prioritize the relationships built online.

  2. Patrick,
    great points! i had noticed that following Future Midwest, i had become quite “obsessive” about the relationships that were being formed. Always trying to keep track of where the wave was going and riding it the whole way. It had gotten a bit unhealthy, so i had to pull back. I am now just trying to focus on a little bit at a time. I feel that we learn a little bit each day that help us take strides forward!

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