I Love Real Life Examples

Today’s post focuses in on brands who are integrating the social web in their marketing efforts.  The first example is Levi’s.  If you go to their Friends Store, you’ll see Facebook “Like” buttons on the page.  You’ll also see some other familiar Facebook applications seen throughout the web.  Brilliant if you ask me.  What a great way for Levi’s to see what jeans are popular among their community of followers!  Levi’s now has a focus group of 342,642 (as of 6/9/2010) at their disposal!  Genius!

Another example can be found in a post from familiar friend to Salt & Light, Bryan Willmert.  In his latest blog, he takes a look at Vitamin Water and what they did to crowd source a new drink flavor.  Again, a great example of a brand leveraging its already established fan base and providing them what they want.

One final thing I’ll leave you with is an article I read earlier this week from Internet Retailer.  “Finding the Right Measure” highlights some companies that have taken advantage of the opportunities the social web provides.

The ideas that could be brought to my job have already been stirring in my head.  It’s my challenge now to figure out a way to get people to hear me out (aka “squeaky wheel”).  As my new Twitter friend, Carol Roth (@caroljsroth), told me this morning,  “You go get that oil!”


One thought on “I Love Real Life Examples

  1. Its so cool how some companies are embracing the use of social media but even more shocking the ones rejecting it. Its the whole thought of “go where your customers are” but now so many customers location is online.. great post!

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