Detroit Reverse…Breaking Down the Cultural Divide [video]

You’ve heard me talk about Detroit Reverse recently.  This has the potential to be great but can only achieve greatness if you get involved and help change the perception.  We need you, my social web / technology / networked brethren to help get the word out and talk about Detroit Reverse.

There WILL BE 500 high schoolers together the week of August 2 – 6.

They WILL BE visible in the community…both in the city and the suburbs.

If you see them or hear that they will be near you, go to them and help out.  And please, talk about this in your social networks.

To my friends from Future Midwest 2010, this is an opportunity to put into action the feelings you had back in April in Royal Oak.  All you need to do is GET INVOLVED.

The video below interviews two local high schoolers, one from the suburbs and another from the city.  Both talk about perceptions of one another.  Both talk about building TRUE relationships with one another and doing more than just volunteering for an afternoon.

Twitter: @detroitreverse

Facebook: Detroit Reverse



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