My thoughts on Future Midwest 2010 (#FMW10)

We are almost 1 week removed from Future Midwest 2010.  I can’t tell you how much of a joy it’s been to read the other recaps and thoughts from bloggers in the area throughout the week.  One thing is for certain, if the goal of the organizers of Future Midwest 2010 was to educate, inspire and motivate the attendees…mission accomplished!  The overwhelming themes I’ve been reading are about taking this energy and excitement beyond just a 2 day conference and making it a part of every day life in metro Detroit.

If you haven’t read a blog about Future Midwest, here are four you can choose from:

Soul Excursion (@bryanwillmert)

Detroit Moxie (@becksdavis)

I’m Working On It (@beckyjohns)

How to be Amazing, and Take Over the World (@CAGarland)

You may ask, “So Patrick, what did you take away from Future Midwest?”  Well…a lot!

  • I got a lot of great quotes (which I share later this week).
  • I received confirmation that what I believe about the social web is true…customer focus and building relationships always wins.
  • I once again realized the true value of the social web is getting to meet the people I’ve interacted with online in person!
  • Detroit and the Midwest can come back because of the amount of talent and smarts that I saw at the Royal Oak Music Theater on April 16 and 17
  • This technology is here to help bring us back to the roots of business…relationships.
  • The value of online community is research…finding out the questions we didn’t even think to ask (Thanks Ben Smithee for that one!)

The greater challenge will be the “what’s next” that I mentioned above.  How can we make an impact now and carry this momentum forward?  It will take passion, hard work, and an idea that the area can rally around.  That’s where I think you can help.  Stay tuned later this week as Bryan Willmert and I propose an idea to Detroit’s tech community.  We’ve all talked and blogged about making a difference.  Now is the time to take you up on that.

Have a great week everyone!

P.S. If you attended Future Midwest, the organizers are seeking your feedback.  Click here for the survey!


4 thoughts on “My thoughts on Future Midwest 2010 (#FMW10)

  1. Other than Detroit making a comeback, I’m happy to see it was such a positive experience! Alright, fine. It’s really just the Lions. Let’s be real…there is no comeback for them.

    I love your last bullet point and it hits close to home for me today. Yesterday a client and I were debating over the future of libraries. I believe they’re a dying breed; he didn’t agree. So I asked my Twitter community. Turns out, I might be wrong. In 45 minutes, I received no less than 200 responses about why people go to the library (and that they are still, in fact, alive). Talk about great (and FREE!) market research that really provided value in our thinking.

    So, no matter where you live, the social Web (thanks, Al Gore!) is here to stay…and it’s really quite valuable.

    P.S. How do I get my name in the sidebar as large as Kensington Community Church?

    • Gini, this conference was fantastic. Like I said in my post, it’s about talking to people and leveraging their insights and feedback. That information can be more valuable than “market research” which can become outdated by the time it gets reported back to you. The Social Web is REAL TIME and INSTANT. Companies that realize this can take advantage of it and be leaders in their industries.

      As for getting your name as large as Kensington’s…if you admit the Lions will beat the Bears, then I’ll fix it.

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