Do you lead and are you led?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been looking at Lent and what it means to me.  Growing up Catholic, it was just the 40 days prior to Easter where we didn’t eat meat on Fridays and gave up something as a “sacrifice”.  This year, I’m looking at it differently.  You’ve heard me mention Kensington Community Church and some of the cool things they do to really get individuals to think about their own faith and what it means to them.  This year, they’ve given us a guide through the 40 days leading up to Easter with each day having a passage to read in the Bible.

This morning I read through the book of Judges (chapters 1 – 5).  This book covers a period of about 350 years and recounts the stories of Israel’s heroes, called “Judges”, who played an important role in their history.  These Judges were leaders who basically rescued Israel after a fall from grace and renewed their focus on God.

Why is this important?  It got me thinking about my own life and responsibilities as a husband and father and how important my role is in my family’s life, especially my kids.  I’ll share one statistic with you that I heard at church.  The percentage of children and families that have a strong faith is dramatically increased when the father is the spiritual head of the home…90% of the time, the children develop a strong faith of their own when their father leads them.  If you ever wondered how important fathers are in a home, there is an example!

This idea is just as important for me.  I need to have mentors to guide me and educate me whether it be at work or in my spiritual life.  I need people to hold me accountable for my actions and steer me in the right direction.  Case in point was my post about my P90X workout.  I asked people to hold me accountable because I was starting to lose interest in the workout and before long, people began to encourage me to stick with it and it has definitely helped to keep me motivated.

That is how I’ve been “Rethinking Lent”.  What do you think?  Are you leading people?  Are you being led?


2 thoughts on “Do you lead and are you led?

  1. Thanks for being so open about your faith. I was raised Catholic as well and now am a member of Trinity Evangelical Church and father of 2, and I agree with the importance of the father leading and modeling a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our kids were raised as Christians and their youth group experiences were really important in developing the spiritual armor they required in the public school system. I am anxious to follow your posts to see how your Lent guide and your Purpose Driven Life reading steer you.

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