Be Still…

In my last post, I wrote about Passion.  The idea was that you have to have passion in everything you do.  People will see that and are looking for the reason why you have that passion.  If you’re successful in displaying it, then it can lead to a change in perception.  I’m constantly amazed at the people in my life and the passion that they display for their profession or their ministry.  I witness countless examples of perceptions changed or lives changed by the passion for what they do.

Yesterday, I watched a video of Rob Bell, lead pastor of Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  In it, he said that we as leaders of our respective professions or ministries are a “good gift” to those in our lives.  We continually “break ourselves open and pour ourselves out” so that those around us can be impacted by our passions and our callings.

Now the reason for today’s post.  Over the past few days, I’ve been reading a lot of things that talk about having margin, being still or taking a “sabbath” to recharge yourself so you can continue to be passionate for what you do.  This morning, I was presented with the following verse from Psalms:

Be still and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10

What are you doing in your life to take a break from the daily routine?  What recharges you?  It’s easy to forget to take the time out of our busyness to make time for ourselves.  It’s not something that is emphasized as we are continually inundated with the idea of working as hard as possible to achieve our goals.  We “pour ourselves out” into our profession or others and forget about ourselves.

I’ve made a daily “sabbath” a priority starting this year.  I take care of the body through exercise and the spirit through devotional time and prayer.  This time is mine.  Unfortunately it’s early in the morning but in order for me to fully give myself to my family and my job, I need this time for me.  My wife knows this and can appreciate how precious this time is for me.

Right now I’m on a retreat with fellow leaders from Kensington Community Church in Spring Lake, Michigan.  From the picture, you can see the environment that I’m in.  This place demands that you relax!  I’ve spent the last 24 hours reading, journaling and getting to know other people and what drives them.  This is an amazing experience that you should all experience…maybe not at this particular home we’re in but at least make time for a REAL VACATION!  I’m confident that I’ll come back home fully rested both mentally and physically and ready to pour myself into others again.

Are YOU ready to “be still and know that I am God?”


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