Organize – Collaborate – Shape – Embed – Lead

Yesterday I came across this video from Identity PR (@identitypr) from Detroit’s 2009 Module Midwest Digital Conference.  Featured in the video:

Jeremy Tanner: @penguin
Ken Burbary: @kenburbary
Adrian Pittman: @adrianpittman
Damian Rintelmann: @drintelmann
Scott Monty: @scottmonty
Shannon Paul: @shannonpaul
Chris Brogan: @chrisbrogan

All provide great insight on what Detroit needs to do to grow it’s social media community.  I love the summary at the end…

Organize.  Collaborate.  Shape.  Embed.  Lead.  Help make our community great.

As an employee of Buick and GMC, building a community can only help turn our business and industry around and change the perceptions people have of our products and our brands.  I know I’ll do what I can in my circle of influence to help that cause.

What do you think Detroit needs to do?


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