Social Media in schools

Today I met with Randy Speck, Superintendant of Oakland Christian School in Auburn Hills, MI.  He and I got to know each other when we began to send our kids there.  He also coached my daughter’s basketball team at the YMCA for a couple of years.

He has great plans for the school over the next few years and I walked away impressed and eager to help out in anyway I can.  The reason for our meeting this morning was to figure out ways Social Media could be used to create buzz about what OCS has in store for the next few years.  I was excited to share with him my thoughts and flattered that he would want to brainstorm with me.

Our discussion lead to some great ideas that I hope we can explore and dig into more.

We talked about companies that do social media well.  Best BuyFord.

We talked about Social Media experts we knew.  Chris BroganErik Qualman.

He is already ahead of most businesses that I know of with the use of Social Media and I’m truly excited to hear about his desire to take it to the next level.  It also helps the excitement when he asked me to be a part of the process!

This truly confirms what I’ve known all along.  Social Media works in most any industry if you invest the time and effort into it.  More to come.  I’m hoping to make this a succesful case study!

Thanks for the opportunity Randy!


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