Proud Parents

Last night Julianne and I had parent teacher conferences at Oakland Christian School for our 2 older kids, Gina and Joshua.

I can’t tell you how happy we both were to find out from their teachers that they were both doing great.  It comes as no surprise that most parents would feel this way when hearing good news about their children, but for me there seemed more to it than that.

Academically, they are both on track.  No issues socially…they get along with their friends.  Their teachers both said they are a joy to have in class.  Joshua’s teacher went so far as to say, “he’s just a cool dude.”  How great of a compliment is that?

I’d like to think that my kids success up to this point could be attributed to the fantastic school we send them too and the parenting Julianne and I do.  However, I would also like to personally thank my parents and Julianne’s parents for the great work they did in us.  I think it’s their hard work and devotion to God and their families that have allowed us to enjoy the successes we are seeing in our kids today.

So thank you God, mom, and dad…


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