A Challenge for all the GM Naysayers

Today marked the second time this year that General Motors had to lay off people.  For those of us “left standing”, we lost co-workers and in many cases good friends.  This got me thinking, “so now what?”  Well, GM can now begin to focus on what it needs to, building the best cars, trucks, and crossovers and making sure the buying public knows about them.

Anyway…as I thought about co-workers that lost their jobs, I became increasingly frustrated with the people’s perception of GM…specifically with Buick and GMC, the 2 divisions that I work for.  One thing with social media and blogging is that you read a lot.  You read a lot about the things you are passionate about.  And what I’ve read, frustrates me…

“GM should not have been given bailout money.”
“Taxpayers money was wasted on GM.”
“How can a Buick be compared to a Lexus?  It’s not even close.”
“Buick is a waste of time.”

You get the point…

In most cases, the people making these comments on blogs, youtube, twitter, etc. have 1 of 2 things in common…they’ve never driven a GM product or they drove a GM product a long time ago when we didn’t do things quite right.  Yes perceptions are hard to overcome.  They take years but it can be done.  Prime example is Cadillac.  When given time and the right product, change in perception is possible.

So here is my challenge to the GM naysayers…test drive our products.  Test drive the 2010 Buick LaCrosse.

Test drive the 2010 GMC Terrain.

These are great products that people (not us) are saying can compete with the imports.  Formulate your opinion on a recent experience.  Better yet, put your money where you mouth is.  There is a program available to you now…May The Best Car Win, our 60 day guarantee.  Buy a car, truck or crossover and if you’re not happy with it, return it.  That’s it.

It’s easy to make broad statements like the above.  I’d have more respect for them if there was substance behind them.  Maybe some are based on recent experiences…if so, be constructive with your criticism. Wishing a company out of business is more than just an opinion.  Remember that you are wishing that thousands of people lose their jobs.

Is this little blog going to change perception over night?  Of course not, but as part of the new GM and Buick/GMC, I’m tired of just letting the comments go unanswered.  Thanks for reading.


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